The Project

Project title:
PROVIDUNE - Conservation and recovery of dune habitats in the sites of the Provinces of Cagliari, Matera and Caserta

Province of Cagliari (coordinator), Province of Caserta, Province of Matera, Tecla Association, University of Cagliari (Biodiversity Conservation Centre  and the Osservatorio Coste e Ambiente Naturale Sottomarino - Coastal and Marine Environment Monitoring Centre)

Project sites (Sites of Community Importance, SCIs):

Province of Cagliari: Porto Campana ITB042230;  Stagno di Piscinnì  ITB042218; Isola dei Cavoli Serpentara e Punta Molentis ITB040020

Province of Caserta: Pineta della Foce del Garigliano IT8010019

Province of Matera: Bosco Pantano di Policoro e Costa Ionica Foce Sinni IT92220055


Siti di intervento

Project duration: 2008-2014

The project, funded by Community Fund LIFE + Nature and Biodiversity aims at protecting the priority habitat consisting of coastal dunes with Juniperus ssp., which is one of the most endangered habitats in the EU.
Taken together, the project sites account for a large portion of the total area of this habitat in Europe, where it can be found only in Italy, Portugal, Spain, Denmark, France and Greece.

The project comprises the following types of actions:

  • Preparatory: collection of botanical and sedimentary data (on coastal and dune erosion processes).
  • Conservation: actions to preserve the plants in dune habitats, bio-engineering schemes to protect the habitat, creation of pedestrian walkways and vehicle parking areas to regulate access etc.
  • Awareness-raising and dissemination of results: education and information targeting tourists, schools and all stakeholders.

At the end of the project, in 2013, a follow-up conservation plan will be implemented to ensure continuation of project activities in the years to come, and long-term maintenance of the sites.

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